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Clarkson is conveniently located along Highway 62 in eastern Grayson County and easily accessible from Exit 112 of the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway in south central Kentucky.  Highways 88, 224, and 2191 also run through the City.  The county seat of Leitchfield lies just to the southwest.  Several larger cities including Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Louisville, Owensboro, and Bowling Green are all located within a one-hundred-mile radius of Clarkson, making for an easy commute.

Time Zone:
Clarkson is located in the Central Time Zone and observes Daylight Saving Time.

Area Codes:

270 and 364

Landline Phone Number Prefixes:

242 and 396

Taxes: Clarkson’s property taxes rates are among the lowest in the area, providing an added incentive to businesses, individuals, and families looking to relocate here.

Property Tax Rates for 2023 are:

9.200 Cents per $100 Assessed Valuation on Real Estate

19.990 Cents per $100 Assessed Valuation on Tangible Personal Property

Note: Rates are set each year in October.


​There is levied for 2024 a tax of:

10.000 Cents per $100 Assessed Valuation on Vehicle & Watercraft


Occupational Tax:

1.20% of gross wages for anyone working within the Clarkson City limits and are paid quarterly.  Payments are due within 30 days of the end of each quarter.  Contact City Hall for more information.

Business License:

  • $50.00 valid from September 1st-August 31st.

The City is served by Clarkson Elementary School, which is part of the Grayson County School System, and provides curriculum for preschool-5th grade.  The Grayson County Middle and High Schools, both located in Leitchfield serve grades 6-12.  Nearby St. Paul Catholic Elementary serves grades preschool-8th grade, and Leitchfield Christian Academy serves preschool and Kindergarten.  Elizabethtown Community & Technical College provides secondary educational opportunities through the Leitchfield Kelley Campus.  Classes are also offered through Western Kentucky University at the main campus in Elizabethtown.


  • K105 (WKHG 104.9 FM)

  • WMTL the “Moose” (103.9 FM) from Leitchfield

  • WULF the “Wolf” (94.3 FM) from Elizabethtown.


Signals from several other area radio stations can also be picked up.


  • The Grayson County News (published weekly)

  • The Elizabethtown News-Enterprise (published daily except Sunday)

  • The Louisville Courier-Journal (published daily)


Stations from Louisville and Bowling Green are carried on cable and can be picked up with an antenna.


  • Comcast Cable

  • Brandenburg Telecom


  • DirecTV

  • Dish Network

Telephone & Internet:

  • Windstream

  • Kentucky Telephone

  • Comcast Cable

  • Brandenburg Telecom

Sewer and garbage services are provided by the City for our residents.

  • Electricity: Kentucky Utilities and Warren Rural Electric

  • Water: Grayson County Water District

  • Natural Gas: Leitchfield Utilities

  • Propane Gas: Foster’s Gas and Midway Propane

Clarkson has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons.  The monthly daily high temperature averages from 35°F in January to 78°F in July.  On average, the high temperature reaches 90°F or above 40 times during a typical year.  Average annual precipitation is around 48 inches, with normal snowfall ranging between 8-10 inches.  Precipitation is typically highest in the spring and lowest in the fall.  Extreme temperatures have been recorded range from -25°F in January to 107°F in July.  Average dates for the first and last frost are between October 1-10 and April 11-20.  Average dates for the first and last freeze are between October 21-31 and April 21-30.  Clarkson is located within the USDA hardiness zone 6b.

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