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Bees at Work


The 2024 Clarkson Honeyfest will be held September 19th– 21st!

Bees at Work
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Clarkson is home to the Official State Honey Festival!  Begun in the early 90′s, we will celebrate 29 years in 2024!  Thank you to everyone to helped make the 2023 Clarkson Honeyfest a success!  The 2024 Clarkson Honeyfest will be held September 19th – 21st!!  Make plans to BEE with us!!


Our annual bee-themed festival celebrates Grayson County’s ties to the honey industry.  It has become an event Grayson County and surrounding areas look forward to each September.

Named for the Walter T. Kelley Company in Clarkson, Kentucky, one of the largest manufacturers of beekeeping supplies and equipment in the United States, the Clarkson Honeyfest is looked forward to with anticipation from one year to the next.  The entire city celebrates by decorating homes and businesses, lawns and storefronts.  Light poles proudly wave bee-theme flags, banners and ribbon bouquets throughout the city, welcoming attendees from all over Kentucky and surrounding states.  The entire community has embraced and generously supports the events that draw thousands of people into the town each September for the wholesome, family-oriented atmosphere and festivities.

Clarkson Honeyfest is held on the third Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in September each year and hosts numerous activities such as a beauty pageant, decorating contest, children’s rides, parade, karaoke contest as well as food and craft booths.  There are bluegrass and gospel music performances at night, ending with a southern country/rock band on Saturday night.

In 2006, enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Clarkson Honeyfest was named and designated as Kentucky’s Official State Honey Festival.

Thank you to everyone who works hard to make the Honeyfest a success each year! 

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KY Senate - "Honey Bee Capital of Kentucky"
2006 HB46 Clarkson Honeyfest Bill History
KY House - "Honey Bee Capital of Kentucky"
2023 Clarkson Honeyfest Schedule of Events
Kentucky Honey
Month Proclamation
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